RSA 2008

Amazingly I was invited to speak a this year's RSA Conference in San Francisco. The topic was Digital Identity and Service Oriented Architecture. I even got to use my new green 5mw laser pointer. I got to use neo-logisms, talk about hebephrenia, and address the current state of federated identity management. I'll post the links to the presentation and mp3 here when published later this month.

Behnam Dayanim of Paul Hastings, and Ed Reed - Privacy Officer of EDS had a useful talk on international compliance. Ben is pointed and clear. Ed - passionate and distinct. I commend their chat when its available.

The RSA speaker's dinner (awesome h'ourdourves!) was held at the old Federal Reserve Building on Battery,  and I got to eat at the BEST sushi bar in San Francisco before my departure, Hamano Sushi, 1332 Castro - to which I was recommended many years ago by the concierge of the then All Nippon Airways (ANA) Hotel (now the Argent Hotel). Hamano Sushi is a neighborhood sushi bar, with an exquisitely fresh menu, and a delightful staff. Go , eat, enjoy! (But don't tell ANYBODY!)

I've been remiss in blogging this year. My apologies. May this year bring useful thoughts to you who've been directed my way. Bless you.