Polls or Votes? You really do decide!

The March 17th Gallup Poll provides the following question and answer:

With yesterday's 219/214 vote on the reconciliation bill, narrowly passing the House - is the opinion of the American people really that important anymore? With TARP spending exceeding $740 billion - what's a measly $940 billion over 10 years? Perhaps November's election will tell us.

Now polls are just that, and not to be confused with elections. Last week's machinations are just another reminder that the panic begun in the late summer of 2007 has yet to give way to rational and principled governmental action. We appear to be spending our future on the fears of the present, and socializing 1/6 of the largest economy on the planet.

The tide will change - perhaps it already has. If so, Surfs Up! There's an election in November - its time to send a meaningful message. This is likely to be the largest off-year election in recent memory. I hope you'll join me in voting your opinion, and not leave Gallup, Zogbe, and the rest to speak for us.

The democrat leadership are hoping that we, democrat and republican constituencies alike have short memories. They may be short - but not that short.

Seven months and counting down . . .



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