Upgrading early 2008 MacBook Pro with SSD - UPDATE - JANUARY 2015

UPDATE January 7th, 2015
Here in January of 2015 I'm still using my modified SSD Enabled '08 and Crucial  M4-CT256M4SSD2, 256.06 GB modified MacBook Pro. Here's my original post. It is STILL performing well, However, after a botched AFP file transfer that yielded over 242,000 0 byte entries for one file in the Document directory - I noted some behavioral problems, like Spotlight stuck indexing a lot of nuthin'. BUT The end result is Good News.

Disk Utility suggested reformatting my SSD as it was unable to repair the filesystem properly after I botched the attempt to delete the spurious files. So I
  1. Turned 'Trim Enable' to off, re-enabling Kext protection (this was of no account)
  2. Backed up the root drive via SuperDuper to a partition I keep for the purpose. This also was unnecessary (except perhaps for my peace of mind).
  3. Rebooted and entered recovery mode, reformatted the Crucial SSD and recovered from Time Machine. This turned out to be the fastest fix for a not completely clear problem.
  4. Downloaded Crucial's latest (070H) version of the firmware for Mac OS. It's an ISO file you burn to CD (or DVD). I did this with my original SuperDrive that lives in the case I got From MCE (original post).
  5. Rebooting and holding down 'C' before the Apple logo appeared, I followed the onscreen directions to update my Crucial's firmware. Reboot again.
  6. Verified via (Apple)->About this Mac->System Report->ATA SATA that the update was being reported to Mac OS X
  7. Re-enabled Trim Enabler 3.0 which took two re-boots - one to disable Kext signature verification (Apple doesn't allow signing any longer of 3rd party Kext's), and the other to turn on Trim Enabler.
I've been using Crucial memory and SSD since '06 - and have been VERY HAPPY. Cindori has kept updates of Trim Enabler up to date through Apple versions. It has proved to be highly reliable and transparent software. The 750GB drive from MCE Technologies with which I replaced this machine's original SuperDrive likewise has been reliable and unproblematic. And Apples TIME MACHINE has been a reliable and unobtrusive partner in keeping my files, even when I didn't know I needed them. I've made 3 (intended) platform restores from Time Machine - and having done systems for a LONG time - have to say it reflects why I buy Apple. Trouble free and easy. Crucial even get's points for a Mac bootable CD for upgrading my SSD Firmware. (Hint to Crucial - make a USB bootable image, eh?)

My machine is again running smoothly - fast as ever - even if it'll be 7 years old in a few months. In computer years about Nine-Hundred and Eighty. Almost Biblical.



PS - Sorry for gushing - but a great experience should give credit to whom and where due. I have not received or sought any consideration (or acknowledgement) from any of the mentioned vendors. But each has provided me with great product, and made my life a lot better.